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SIBE prize - Best paper published in 2020-2022

The Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology encourages the participation of young researchers (younger than 40 years old) to Evoluzione2022, with a prize of 500 EUR for the best published (or in press) article on Evolutionary Biology in the period 2020-2022.

To participate, you need to send to SIBE (, by July 17th 2022, the following:


- proof of subscription to Evoluzione2022;

- an abstract submitted to Evoluzione2022;

- a request to participate to the selection for the best Evolutionary Biology article prize;

- your CV including the list of your publications;

- a pdf of the article proposed for evaluation;

- proof that you are a SIBE member and that you have paid the 2022 fee


Participants will be informed about the outcome of the selection by the end of July. The winner of the Best Article Prize will be asked to present their work during the Conference.

Best poster

The best poster will be voted by the congress attendees during the Conference and will be awarded a prize of 300 EUR. 

Doctor Darwin prize

The SIBE established the “Doctor Darwin” Prize with the aim to stimulate interest and research relating to the Evolutionary Medicine. The award consists in the amount of 1,000 EUR granted to young researchers (up to 35 years old) members of the SIBE. Rules and procedures can be downloaded here.

Outreach prize

One of the SIBE missions is the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the broad public.

SIBE would like to dedicate its OUTREACH prize to Silvia Paolucci and her love for evolutionary biology and scientific communication. A prize of 500 EUR will be awarded to the best product for science dissemination and outreach realized in the past two years (2020-2022).

If you wish to participate please send an email with the subject "Application for SIBE2022 outreach prize", including a brief description of your dissemination project and any other relevant materials to by the end of July.

Travel grants

Travel grants (5 x 100 EUR) are also available for students and PhD students to join the conference.

If you wish to apply, please send by email to, with subject "Application for SIBE2022 Master and PhD student travel grant":  1) an abstract of your contribution to the conference (poster or talk), 2) a document stating your residence out of Ancona, and 3) a proof you are a Master or a PhD student.

"Luca Luigi Cavalli Sforza" prize

SIBE dedicated a prize to the great Italian geneticist who pioneered studies in human genetic variation related to geography and demography. The prize is assigned by the Society to a distinguished scholar who contributed extensively to the field of evolution, opening new lines of investigation as Luca did. 

2022 Luca Luigi Cavalli Sforza prize has been awarded to Rasmus Nielsen, University of California, Berkeley.

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