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One of the goals of this conference is to make it a great experience for everyone.
Thus, we encourage all attendees to inform us about specific needs,
either during the registration or by contacting us at

Information for people with children

For parents, we will try to organize professional childcare (not included in the registration fee). We thus kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible or at the latest during the registration if you would like to bring your child/children to the conference (together with their age). We will try our best to get an affordable and dependable service.

Information for dog owners

Dogs are unfortunately not allowed inside the buildings of the venues (this does not apply to guide dogs for the blind provided with adequate documentation). We will thus try to organize professional pet sitters (not included in the registration fee). We kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible or at the latest during the registration if you would like to bring your dog to the conference.

Information for people with other needs
We want to ensure unlimited mobility during the conference regardless of personal limitations in movability. The main hall (where the vast majority of the congress will take place) and its building are wheelchair friendly and we can provide disability-reserved seating (please, let us know if you need any during the registration). We are in close contact with the venues' accessibility services, which support us in making this conference as inclusive as possible. Real-time captioning will be available if requested in time (please, let us know during the registration process). We will also provide free access (registration fee) for accompanying persons upon presentation of appropriate certifications (disability certification).

We anyway encourage you to contact us to let us know about your needs so that we can make sure we are adequately prepared. If you have any allergies or nutritional intolerance, please let us know during the conference registration.

In case you have any other specific needs or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help and your queries will be handled confidentially. Since we want to make this conference a stimulating experience for everyone, we will do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

SIBE is committed to equal opportunities, promotion of diversity, and an environment free from discrimination and harassment at all times, where individuals are treated with respect, equity, dignity and fairness. We thus seek to create a safe, hospitable, and productive environment for everyone wishing to attend this event regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, parenthood or disability. Please contact a member of the Organising Committee if you believe there has been a breach of the SIBE's principles. Any alleged breach would be treated seriously, in confidence, and if appropriate, referred to the SIBE's Executive.

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