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Joining SIBE is easy, as well as useful and cool!

To join SIBE for the first time, first fill in the form at the bottom of this page and send it by email or post to:

Lisa Locatello

Secretariat Italian Society of Evolutionary Biology
c/o Dept. of Biology and Evolution of Marine Organisms (BEOM)
Zoological Station Anton Dohrn - Fano Marine Centre
Viale Adriatico 1/N, 61032 Fano - Italy

To renew your membership, simply pay the biennial fee, valid for the current and the following year. If you have any doubts about the status of your subscription and payment, please contact the secretariat.

The two-year subscription fees are:

  • 50 € for ordinary members

  • 25 € for students/non-structured (students, PhDs and postdocs)

The life membership fee is € 600

Payment of the membership fee can be made by PayPal, following the link below, by selecting the fee 'Ordinary' or 'Reduced'. If payment is made from a PayPal account not in the member's name, please inform the secretariat of the name associated with the fee paid.

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