SIBE, Società Italiana di Biologia Evoluzionistica - ISEB, Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology

SIBE Board 2019-2021

The ISEB Board remains in office for two years and is elected by the shareholders' meeting.
Omar Rota-Stabelli Edmund Mach Foundation - Trento
Vice President  
Silvia Ghirotto University of Ferrara
Secretary - Treasurer  
Lino Ometto University of Pavia
President of Probiviri  
Telmo Pievani University of Padova
Giorgio Binelli University of 'Insubria
Giorgio Bertorelle University of Ferrara
Sivia Paolucci Science Communication
Ivan Scotti INRA - Avignon
Andrea Luchetti University of Bologna
Lisa Locatello University of Padova
Maria Vittoria Modica Anton Dohrn Zoological Station
Sofia Rizzi University of Padova
Anna Sandionigi University of Milano Bicocca