SIBE, Società Italiana di Biologia Evoluzionistica - ISEB, Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology

EMBO course prize


Miss Inger Winkelmann is the winner of the best SIBE-EMBO student presentation for her talk entitled ""Cephalopod Population Genomics". The competition was held as part of the 2013 EMBO course on "postgenomic phylogentics" held at Erice, Siciliy. The price was presented by the Italian Society of Evolutionary Biology (ISEB). Inger's  presentation was judged unanimously by a board of 4 EMBO teachers and 2 ISEB members as the most interesting, scientifically, and stylistically appealing among those of the 24 students of the course.
"Giovanni Canestrini"
During past SIBE Congresses, the "Giovanni Canestrini" prize was assigned to young researchers that presented the best article on evolutionary biology (candidates must be first or senior author, and the paper published in the 3 years before the congress). In the first two congresse the price was assigned to the best oral presentation.. The prize was offered by the Comune di Revò (Trento), that every two years give a prize to the best Thesis.
Giovanni Canestrini was born in Revò in 1835, and he was among the first itialian evolutionists, trasnlated the opera of darwin and was inspiring him as wel. A short description of Canestrini and his work is here.
The volume by Alessando Minelli and Sandra Casellato (Giovanni Canestrini Zoologist and Darwinist, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Venezia 2000) highlights the opera of Canestrini in detail.
2008 The Canestrini Prize 2008 was assigned to Paolo Gratton for the article: "P. Gratton, M. K. Konopiski, V. Sbordoni (2008) Pleistocene evolutionary history of the Clouded Apollo (Parnassius mnemosyne): genetic signatures of climate cycles and a "time-dependent" mitochondrial substitution rate. Molecular Ecology, 17, 4248-4262".  
2006 The Canestrini Prize 2006 (€ 400) has been assigned to Claudia Acquisti, for her presentation:
"A role for oxygen availability in the transmembrane protein composition over macroevolutionary time scales".
Claudia Acquisti
2005 The Canestrini Prize 2005 (€ 300) was assigned to Lino Ometto, for his presentation:
"Demographic and selective history of Drosophila melanogaster inferred by a multilocus scan of DNA variation".
Lino Ometto
Luisa Bozzi Prize for the  best lay summary During its conferences, the ISEB has also assigned a prize for the best divulgative communications (i.e. a version for the public of the abstract submitted to the congress), dedicated to the memory of Maria Luisa Bozzi, scientific journalist and author of biology books  for yougs.
The prize (600 €) was offered by Mary Bliss Hamilton, sister of William D. Hamilton. In 2008 was won ex-aequo by:

Lino Ometto (for Ometto L., DeWayne Shoemaker D., Ross K.G., Keller L. “Un genoma per tre caste: l’evoluzione dell’espressone dei geni nelle formiche”)


Mauro Mandrioli (for Negri I., Franchini A., Mandrioli M., Gonella E., Daffonchio D., Mazzoglio P.J., Alma A. “Ma tu... di che sesso sei?”)

Best poster ISEB, during its congress, prizes a young researcher for the best poster.
2008 In 2008 the best poster was the one of Giulio Catalano:
Genetic distinctiveness of Italian aurochs: new insights into cattle domestication process”.
In 2006 the prize (€ 400) was assigned ex aequo to:

Roberto Guidetti ("Dal futuro: prove di adattamento")
Omar Rota Stabelli ("Outgroup misleading effect and new Arthropod phylogeny").

Roberto Guidetti Omar Rota Stabelli
Premio per la miglior pubblicazione During the 1° and 2° congress, ISEB assigned a prize to a young researcher for the best scientific publication, which from the 3° Congress (2008) was substituted by the "Giovanni Canestrini" prize.
The prize for best publication was assigned in 2006 (€ 400) Marco Archetti for the article:
"The coevolution theory of autumn colours. 2004. Archetti M, Brown SP. Proc Biol Sci. 271:1219-23".
Marco Archetti