SIBE, Società Italiana di Biologia Evoluzionistica - ISEB, Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology

Awards and travel grants

The Cavalli-Sforza Award
The Italian Society of Evolutionary Biology has instituted the "Luigi Luca Cavalli Sforza" Award in 2019, in memory of the illustrious Italian geneticist who with his creativity and intelligence has had an incredible impact in many fields of Evolutionary Biology.

2019 Professor Montgomery Slatkin (University of California at Berkeley)


SIBE Award (aka Canestrini Award)
In order to promote the participation of young researchers (<40 years) in its congresses, SIBE establishes a prize of 1,000 euros for the best article published (or in press) in the two years preceding the congress. In some cases the best talk was awarded.

2017 Francesca Tassi (Ferrara)
2015 Anna Sandionigi (Bicocca) and Emanuele Fasola (CESAM)
2014 Emiliano Trucchi (Norway)
2008 Paolo Gratton (Sapienza)
2006 Marco Archetti (Oxford)
2006 Claudia Aqusiti (MPI Koln)
2005 Lino Ometto (Munich)

Best poster award
The best poster is voted directly by the congressmen during the congress. 300 euros for the winner.

2019 Antonia Chiarore (Naples / SZN)
2015 Costanza Piccoli (Padua)
2008 Giulio Catalano
2006 Roberto Guidetti (Modena) and Omar Rota Stabelli (UCL)

Best PhD Student Presentation
During some congresses, SIBE also rewards the best oral presentation made by a doctoral student during the congress. The winner is voted by the scientific committee of the congress. 300 euros for the winner.

2019 Ananja Jana (India)
2015 Sara Knight (Cambridge), runner up: Rupinder Kaur (Vienna / FEM)

Doctor Darwin
In order to stimulate interests and research concerning Evolutionary Medicine, SIBE awards the "Doctor Darwin" prize for the best article or talk presented by young members of SIBE on this topic. The amount of € 1,000 is entirely sponsored by our worthy partner Giacinto Libertini.

2019 Federica Pierini
2017 Francesco Asnicar (Trento)
2015 Michela Leonardi (Copenhagen)

Travel grants to attend SIBE, FISV, ESEB, EMBO meetings
2020 Francesca Ruffini for EMBO Course
2015 Sukanya Ramasamy (Milan / FEM), Chiara Pontremoli (IRCCS Bosisio), Daniela Lucente (Tuscia), Francesca Tassi (Ferrara), Davide Guerra (Bologna) for SIBE-Evoluzione2015

2013 Inger Winkelmann (Copenhagen) for EMBO Course